Each brand design project takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Full brand projects (brand/print/web) typically take anywhere from 3+ months. All time estimates are dependent upon the complexity of each individual project, number of revisions, client’s timeliness to respond, and my current booking schedule. A detailed schedule with estimated milestones will be given to each client upon project start via my nifty project management program.


It’s time to meet one another… virtually. After receiving your initial inquiry, we will set up a phone call, Skype, or FaceTime session. I will ask you some questions regarding your business, your vision and the goals for your brand. You will get the chance to ask me any question that come to mind. Think of it like a first date – we get to ask one another all the relevant questions to see if it’s the right fit.


If we hit it off and find that we are the perfect match, I will send a formal proposal outlining each branding and design item. If everything in the proposal is approved, you will then returned a signed copy back to me. You will then receive an invoice for your first payment (the deposit) and I ask that you kindly submit payment via check or PayPal in order to hold your spot in the queue. *Please note the deposit is nonrefundable.


Once all the annoying paperwork has been signed and your first payment has been made, it’s time for the fun stuff! You will receive an invitation to my project management platform which will provide detailed information about our entire project together. You will be able to see a detailed schedule that outlines when you can expect your designs, mockups, final files, etc. You will see deadlines for your “homework” (e.g., questionnaires, web content, etc.) This will ensure that we are both on the same page and keeping your entire project on schedule.


I know it’s probably been some time since you had homework, but consider this the fun kind! One of the first items you will receive is a link to my branding questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide me with valuable information for as we move through the brand development process. I will also ask you to start pinning images to a shared Pinterest board that I will then use to create your inspiration board. If you are a web design client, I will ask that you start compiling your website content at this time.


Woot!! Your project start date has officially commenced and it’s time to get the inspiration phase under way. We will work together based off your answers from the branding questionnaire to create your inspiration board which will contain your brand color palette and inspirational imagery to set the overall tone of your new brand. Once you are completely pumped about the colors and direction, I will then begin creating the cornerstone of your brand – the logo. As soon as you are head over heels in love with your new logo, I will then put it all together and create your new brand style guide! This guide will contain your new logo, color palette, inspirational photos, as well as your sub mark, logo variations, social icons, patterns, fonts and any other design elements previously discussed.


It’s time to lock down the finishing touches of your newly branded look by continuing it throughout your print materials and social media design – business cards, letterhead/notecard and envelopes, stamp, hangtag, stickers, Facebook and Twitter page designs, etc. Your files will be delivered via dropbox in a ready-to-print pdf format. Vector and design files are available for an additional fee. I also offer printing services for an additional charge that will be billed separately. Please inquire my printing services for more information.

Full Branding Clients

The following steps outline the web development process. This typically takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on complexity and number of revisions.


It’s now time to move into the the web design phase. By this time, you will have completed your website questionnaire and will be working towards completing the web copy and submitting site imagery. Please note that all site imagery and content is due prior to website mockup completion and before going to the development stages. During this step, the final mockup of the home page and all interior pages are completed and approved by you before moving onto the development phase. Any delays in content may delay your project and bump it back in the pipeline. If any changes are requested after mockup approval, they will be billed separately.


As a designer and developer,  I understand that one of the most important things about your website is functionality – on the backend and front end. So I hold an optional discussion where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or make any changes with regard to design and functionality. I do not outsources my development. I hard code everything myself so any development questions you might have, I will be able to answer at all times. Any added design elements or functionalities will be billed at my hourly rate.


Once you have signed off on the design, your site goes into the development phase. There will be some downtime for your site during this phase as I work my magic to bring your design to life. For the development phase, please allow approximately two to four weeks. At the end of the development phase, you will be delivered a live test site link for your review and approval. You will have the opportunity to request up to two functionality changes. Any additional changes will be billed separately.


Once the final payment has been made, I will also hold a live tutorial to show you how to make updates to your site from the backend. Now your site is ready for launch and I will upload your new custom developed site onto your server and you can introduce your new site to the world! Within the first week of launch, you will have the opportunity to email me with any questions you might have with regard to the new site and it’s functionality. Anything beyond that point will be billed separately.

I also offer website maintenance plans after your site is launched! Please get in touch for more information about these services.

Now that you know how my process works, let’s start talking about your project! You can use this nifty little contact form below to get in touch or drop me a line at